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    How often have you gone for a second opinion or checked other places for prices? Isn’t it time you got a second opinion on your financial portfolio?  At no cost to you we can meet and show you where your allocations are strong, where they’re weak and what can be done to keep your profits where they belong, in your portfolio.  As fee-only investment advisors we are offering these free suggestions only in the best interest of your portfolio.  Many people that leave these meetings are often amazed at the hidden fees we uncover that have been slowly eating away at the growth of your assets.

    Take that First Step

    Fill out the form on this page and one our experienced investment advisors will call or e-mail to set up a time to meet and discuss how we can work to achieve your desired portfolio.  Doesn't your portfolio deserve better?

    Take the First Step

    Fill out the form below and we'll call or e-mail to set up a time to sit down for a complimentary, comprehensive portfolio review.

    TRG First Meeting FAQ

    What should I bring when I meet with you?

    You may have played with "what if" numbers on the Profiler but when we meet you should bring the actual facts of what your current investments are and where they are being held. We both want to get the right story so you make informed decisions going forward.

    How do we meet?

    An in-person meeting is suggested at first in our office because the personal information you are bringing shouldn't be exposed in a public arena. We can have additional meetings via web on-line methods or more casual atmospheres to continue discussions.

    What will the results be?

    TRG's analysis will provide you with the ability to make an informed decision of where you should be with your investment portfolio. You will learn the pros and cons of your current position. You determine what you next step will be.

    What does TRG get out of this?

    TRG doesn't get anything out of our introductory meetings. As a fee-only investment advisor we only charge when we actually manage your assets. Our goal in doing these meetings is three fold. First, we believe that many investors dont realize the amount of money they are paying in their current financial situation for investment directions provided. Secondly, investors are often not aware of the actual costs to their invested assets and fees paid to the investment adviser from many investment vehicles. Lastly, we believe that we can help people achieve a more cost effective and efficient financial portfolio to match their true goals and objectives.