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  • Enriched Traditional Strategies

    This time honored, traditional form of portfolio management is often referred to as "buy-and-hold" by the public and financial media. Our forward thinking strategies go beyond the traditional mixes, such as 60% stock index funds, 30% bond funds and 10% cash (or other similar allocations) and are based on what you identify below as your primary investment goals:

    • Growth – If increasing your principal (making your money grow) is your primary objective during however long you would like to be invested, we will work with you to help you achieve this goal.  With your custom-made Growth Portfolio, generating current income is not as important as growing your assets.
    • Income –If generating current returns is your primary ambition, this may be the Portfolio of greatest interest to you.  The income focus can be on either accumulating a larger amount of funds for later distribution or supplementing your current cash flow needs.  With Your Tailored Income Portfolio, principal growth is not as important as generating current returns.
    • Growth and Income – If your goal is to have a good amount of Growth and Income during the investment time period, this Portfolio may be of greatest interest to you.  The focal point is to increase your principal while generating an income stream for current or future use.  With Your Personalized Growth and Income Portfolio, both are an important part of your long-term strategy. 

    Your custom-tailored portfolio has been carefully developed. We will employ the concept of tax loss harvesting to evaluate the realized gains earned in a taxable portfolio during the year compared to any portfolio losers.  If there could be any meaningful impact we would sell those losers and replace them with new positions.  This is in addition to your annual analysis whereby we make any necessary adjustments in order to make sure that the makeup of the portfolio has the opportunity to achieve your stated goals and objectives.  Unlike most investment management firms, TRG’s portfolio reviews and adjustments aren't limited to just the routine rebalancing done through asset allocation.  Instead, the portfolio adjustments we make include an objective evaluation of each portfolio position.  Our thorough evaluation determines whether a position should continue to be held or liquidated.

    The approach we take has the goal of what is called "generating alpha."  What this means is that we seek a higher level of performance for the portfolio while at the same time trying to minimize volatility.  We do all of this work for our clients selecting our traditional services on a very low fee basis:  just 0.40% per annum based on the Assets Under Management.  That is less than 1/2 of 1% per year.   This low management fee can be even lower for large long-term portfolios.  Our rates are, in many cases, considerably less than what is normally charged by banks, brokers, insurance agents and investment advisors who offer this or a competitive service.

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