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  • Investment Philosophy

    Historical Basis

    Legendary investor, Sir John Templeton once said, "The four most dangerous words in investing are 'This time it's different." As a firm committed to studying market history TRG agrees with Sir John Templeton that history repeats itself. Booms, busts and stagnant markets occur time and time again, yet many investors are discouraged as the market declines and euphoric at market tops.

    Enriched Traditional Philosophy

    Many advisers use the strategy of buy-and-hold, with rebalancing sometime in the future, as the notion that this type of investment style is risk management. They view this as an acceptable strategy because “there will always be corrections” or “the market will come back”. Fundamentally, buy-and-hold requires that the investor is willing to take the potential risk of suffering through significant downturns while seeking capital appreciation.  Our basic buy-and-hold portfolio management concept requires less time in constructing and managing. We will employ the concept of tax loss harvesting to evaluate the realized gains earned in a taxable portfolio during the year compared to any portfolio losers.  If there could be any meaningful impact we would sell those losers and replace them with new positions. This is in addition to your annual analysis whereby we make any necessary adjustments in order to make sure that the makeup of the portfolio has the opportunity to achieve your stated goals and objectives. We offer a type of this strategy to investors willing to take that risk, however we do not view it as an active risk management technique.   This strategy believes in the long term rise of the market at a low cost for TRG to participate.

    Dynamic Philosophy

    TRG offers two options to select from that provide a risk management strategy that seeks to protect capital in the event the market declines. Our specialized philosophy of using active approaches has designated TRG as a leader in dynamic money management concepts and tactics.  Offering these  strategies requires focused amounts of time to conduct the necessary research, creation and management of the portfolio. The TRG offerings of Risk Manager-Level 1 and Risk Manager-Level 2 are established individually for each client.   The goal is to generate reasonable upside returns while working to protect capital.  At the same time, taxable portfolios receive the added benefit of the possibility of tax loss harvesting be applied near the end of the year as a method to enhance after-tax returns.  This involves precision and discipline because of the potential for selections to be liquidated on a more frequent basis, as well as, setting of higher goals for rising selections.

    Work with Our Team

    If you're ready to work with an investment firm that takes a dynamic money management approach to investing while minimizing your risk then we feel you'll make a great partner with TRG.  For a complimentary portfolio review or to discuss your current strategy with one of our experts, contact us today.