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  • Why We’re in This for You

    You care about how your money is handled, and TRG provides one of the most important aspects of money management: Autonomy (i.e. we are not beholden to any one investment vehicle or company).  Our revenue is not generated through commissions; we provide the Client with what we judge to be the best investment vehicles available for a particular investment strategy.  We believe that we are very reasonably priced and that our fee schedule offers Clients an excellent value. Service, investment options and reasonable prices are not options, for TRG Clients; they are requirements.

    If your investable assets are between $50,000 and $50,000,000 and you are interested in a value added path for your investments, give TRG a call and realize a company that:

    • Does not sell products or services of any brokerage firm, insurance/annuity company or investment bank.
    • Has a strong commitment to personalizing the customer service experience.
    • Takes safety of Client assets seriously. The firm we recommend to custody your assets is a recognized and respected multi-billion dollar company.
    • Seeks to provide advice that is objective, unbiased and in the best interest of the Client.
    • Provides investment management strategies tailored to meet the Client’s needs.
    • Uses a management fee schedule that is not based on loads or commissions.  Instead, we offer one based on the strategy chosen and not on a "one size fits all approach".

    At TRG, your success and our success go hand-in-hand

    Do the values of our company line up with yours as an investor? If so, please contact us today to schedule a time to talk about your needs and goals.  Let us add value to your portfolio!