Most Popular Strategies

Long-Term, Steady Streams Of Monthly Income With The Potential Of Providing Additional Annual Income or Wealth Accumulation……which do you prefer?

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Maximize & Enjoy ℠

Our Dynamic Personal Payout Account, or “Dynamic Account,” is an exciting, customizable approach to managing your assets. Unlike an annuity, the Dynamic Account is designed to focus on your personal needs by providing a long-term, steady stream of income with the potential of providing additional annual income and other outstanding benefits

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Focused Accumulation ℠

Our popular Dynamic Wealth Accumulation Account is designed for investors with an Action Mentality approach to wealth accumulation. We seek to achieve success by applying our investment strategies and other tools designed with your goals and objectives in mind. This gives the shrewd investor Tailored Asset Growth Opportunities by applying Our Dynamic Wealth Accumulation Account  


Investment Philosophy

TRG's investment philosophy focuses on providing investors sustainable, reliable and long-term cash flow, an opportunity for additional income, capital appreciation with an opportunity to control risk and harvest tax losses (if applicable). We use our many years of investing experience to select individual stocks, fixed income, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Closed End Funds (CEFs) and other securities to build a customized portfolio to meet your goals and objectives. Each position is viewed as a tool to be used to give you the opportunity to achieve your goals and objective. In designing a customized portfolio, we may use an active, passive or a combination approach.

Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. is the recommended custodian for TRG client accounts, offering online and real-time access to your portfolio.